5 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Home

5 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Home

1.Have a home inspection. Arrange for a home inspection prior to putting up your home for sale. A home inspector can give you a rundown on trouble spots in your home that might turn off potential buyers. This will allow you ample time to make repairs before the selling process.

Clean your home. Make sure to keep the house looking presentable by cleaning all windows, lighting fixtures, carpets, etc. Aside from cleaning your home inside out, you should also lessen the clutter by packing up items that you rarely use like large kitchen appliances, tools, old clothes and toys, etc. and store them in boxes that you could put away in the garage or basement where they will not be seen.

Get estimates for replacements. If some major items in your home need replacement due to wear and tear (like your carpet or roof), it would be wise to get an estimate on how much it would cost to replace these items, even if you don’t intend to replace them yet. The estimates will give buyers an idea if their budget would be enough for the home, and will be useful when negotiations start.

Gather your warranties. If you are including major items and appliances with the home you are selling such as washer, dryer, furnace, dishwasher, etc., gather all the warranties, user manuals and guarantees.

Boost your curb appeal. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and look at your home from the outside. does your home give a good impression as you approach the front door? Do you clearly see the address?  Is the lawn freshly manicured? Do you have pretty flowers and plants in your front yard? Does your outdoor lighting illuminate and highlight your home nicely in the dark?