Penn State Makes the List of 25 Most Desired Colleges for High School Seniors

Forbes just published the Top 25 most desired schools for high school seniors, and there aren’t many surprises.

To compile the ranking, a survey was done from LTG Exam, a test prep company. It was given to high school seniors, the the results are…

1. Harvard University

2. Stanford University

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4. Yale University

5. Princeton University

6. University of California Berkeley

7. University of California Los Angeles

8. New York University

9. California Institute of Technology

10. Columbia University

11. Cornell University

12. University of Pennsylvania

13. University of Texas Austin

14. Brown University

15. Duke University

16. Johns Hopkins University

17. Boston University

18. University of Northern Iowa

19. Florida State University

20. University of California San Diego

21. University of Southern California

22. Texas A&M University College Station

23. Georgia Institute of Technology


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