New Vs. Used Homes: Which is Best for You?

When buying a home, one of the first questions that should be asked is, “Do I want to buy a new or used home?” Well, there are pro’s and con’s to both and it really depends on your personal wants and needs. When it comes to buying a home, one size does NOT fit all!

Pros and Cons for Existing Home


–       More choices, larger variety

–       Price may be lower, or more negotiable

–       Less personality/charm

–       Established, researchable neighborhood


–       Less energy-efficient

–       Less high-tech appliances/amenities

–       Dated design

Pros and Cons for New Home


–       More energy efficient

–       Room for personal design or construction features

–       Cheaper to maintain

–       Brand-new


–       Limited negotiation on price

–       Homeowners association dues

–       Homeowners association can put limits on how you can utilize your property

Now that you’ve taken a look at the basics is up to you to decide which type of home best fits your personal style, budget and needs! Call me today so I can help you find your dream home in the State College Region! 814.280.0364

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Keep in Mind Universal Design

Do you need Universal Design?

First, what is Universal Design? It’s also known an Aging-In-Place and has home features that are meant to evolve, as you grow older. It essentially means you will be able to live in your home for the rest of you life. Universal Design is meant to be transparent. You won’t necessarily notice these features, but as you age, they become more necessary and convenient.

Some common features for Universal Design are ranch homes, no-step entry, wide hallways and doorways and extra floor space. One story living is not only handy for people with disabilities, but investing in a home without stairs will prevent the need to move as you age. Wide hallways and doorways make it easy to maneuver throughout your home not only with strollers and high chairs, but wheelchairs too. Extra floor space is always a plus in a home and will make a home feel less crammed if wheelchairs are needed.

Bathrooms are specifically designed for older homeowners. Step in bathtubs and showers designed for older citizens can make all the difference. No slip-surfaces are also a great benefit, no only for older American’s but for children as well.

So whether you are just starting a family, or ready to retire, a home that has Universal Design is never a bad decision. Ask us for more information about homes with Universal Design in the State College area.

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