Hidden Gems in Real Estate, and How You Can Find Them

Hidden Gems in Real Estate, and How You Can Find Them

When buying or selling a home, what is most important to you? What features are worth the extra bucks and what could you do without? Activerain Real Estate Network surveyed about 1500 real estate agents to figure out which home amenities are most valuable and should be emphasized and which amenities are not big factors as previously thought. Here are the top results for potential long term value in a home.

Most Valuable:

The View: Real Estate Professionals believe amazing views are a great selling point. A homeowner is willing to sacrifice being close to public transit or their work, for an amazing view from their home.

Neighborhood Quality: Again, being farther away from work is no comparison to a quiet, friendly neighborhood. Most people think their neighbors are an after thought, but living in a great community makes all the difference to homeowners.

Great Schools: This we could see from a mile away. It’s no secret families will look for homes in great school districts. Homeowners are willing to spend the extra bucks to be in a great area for their children’s education.

New Roof: Over the years a roof can be expensive. From replacing shingles to fixing leaks, buyers lean toward homes that have new roofs for a better overall quality home.

Least Valuable:

Nicely Finished Closets: Unfortunately those beautiful closets that were redone aren’t great selling points in a home. Even unfinished basements are on the fence. Try promoting a beautiful deck or patio instead.

Mudroom: A mudroom used to be a big selling point. But these days it’s not at the top of a buyers list. An office space is more valued.

Corner Lot: The corner lot is often promoted in a property, but this study shows it’s not as highly sought after as perhaps a big yard or great views. Even a great deck and patio would be better to highlight.

 Some honorable mentions are hardwood floors under the carpet and green upgrades. To find a beautiful home, contact Susan Rupert at 814.280.0364.


*All information comes from https://activerain.trulia.com/hidden-gems