Things To Do In State College Pennsylvania – November 2013

Looking for something to do in State College, Pennsylvania in November? Check out this list!


Apollo’s Fire The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra Jeannette Sorrell, music director Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 2–6

When: November 7, 2013

Times: 7:30 PM

Location: Schwab Auditorium

When Apollo’s Fire, The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra, performs five of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, the results are “brilliant and swaggering” (The Times of London). From fiery strings to colorful recorders to a dizzying harpsichord solo, the concert brims with virtuosity.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

When: November 7, 2013

Times: 7:30 pm

Location: Bryce Jordan Center

Premier hip—hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be kicking off a fall U.S. tour including the Bryce Jordan Center on Thursday, November 7. The group has toured their electrifying live show worldwide for nearly a year with Rolling Stone saying “they have the makings of genuine superstars.”

Downtown Tree Lighting Ceremony

When: November 21, 2013

Times: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: Downtown State College

Kick off the holiday season on Allen Street, 5:30-7 p.m. with a free evening of carols, cookies and hot chocolate. Come listen to Mrs. Claus read a story and welcome Santa as he arrives to light the tree.

Faculty Collections: School of Visual Arts Alumni Works

When: September 27, 2013 – December 1, 2013

Recurring daily

Times: Tuesday-Thursday: 12-6 pm, Friday-Sunday 12-4 pm. Closed Mondays.

Location: Robeson Gallery in the HUB-Robeson Center

“Faculty Collections: School of Visual Arts Alumni Works” will be on display in the Robeson Gallery in the HUB-Robeson Center from September 27 through December 1, 2013. This exhibition features many pieces including ceramics, drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures, all are which are housed in the personal collections of School of Visual Arts faculty members.

17th Annual Holiday Lights on the Lake at Lakemont Park

When: November 22, 2013 – November 30, 2013

Recurring daily

Times: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Location: Lakemont Park

This drive through tour features 51 acres of holiday lights and animations, plus a holiday gift shop filled with delicious refreshments, holiday decorations and gifts, and photos with Santa Claus. The Alto Model Train Museum presents its annual model train display each night.


Beaver Stadium Tours

When: November 9, 2013 – November 10, 2013

Recurring weekly on Sunday, Saturday

Times: Sat. 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM & Sun 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM

Location: Penn State All-Sports Museum

Come tour Beaver Stadium and see the heart of Nittany Nation. Tour includes media room, home locker room, tunnel, field, as well as recruiting and club areas. Friend’s registration open Oct. 25th. Tickets for the public will be available starting Oct. 30th.

Downtown Farmers Market – Friday

When: July 3, 2013 – November 22, 2013

Recurring weekly on Friday

Times: 11:30 am – 5:30 pm

Friday Downtown State College Farmers Market. This producer only farmers market in State College was established in 1976 and features many local growers.


Penn State Football

November 2: Penn State v. Illinois, Time TBA,

November 16: Penn State v. Purdue, Time TBA

November 23: Penn State v. Nebraska, Time TBA

For more ideas of what to do near State College, visit the Central Pennsylvania Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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5 Apps to Help You Discover Your Perfect Home

Nowadays there is an app for everything. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, eat healthier or stay organized, there is an app for that, which many people often use. So, why should discovering your dream home be any different? There are apps that will help you begin your search, determine if the sale is financially right for you, and there are even apps that will help you envision yourself in a new home. Here are five apps that will help you discover your perfect home and make sure that it’s a perfect fit for you.


Essential Real Estate Dictionary

If you’re nervous about working with a realtor to find your perfect home, don’t be. For all of the confusing jargon that you don’t understand, use the real estate dictionary app. Not only will the app serve as an essential reference guide for all things real estate, buy the seller and agent will think you’re a pro with how much you know.



If you already know which area you want to live in, this will be the perfect app for you. Drive around the neighborhood to see how much each home is worth or if any of them are for sale. It’s also a great tool if you don’t know where you want to live. You can pretty much drive around any neighborhood, whether it is familiar or not, and find out exactly how much each home is worth and if they’re for sale.


Mortgage and Home Loan Calculator

There are a ton of mortgage and home loan calculators in the app store. It’s all about finding the right one for you. The secret is that they all do pretty much the same thing, so stick to the free ones. All you’ll need to do is plug in number and bam, you’ll know your price range.



If you’re viewing a house and you absolutely hate the color of the walls, don’t rule it out just yet. The ColorChange app allows you to snap a picture of any room and it will give you the ability to view it with a different color on the walls. This will also be useful once you move into a new home and can’t decide what colors you want each room to be. You can see it before you actually make the commitment in doing it.


Houzz Interior Design App

This free app will help you get settled into your new home and will help reiterate the fact that this new home is perfectly yours. You will be given tips and tricks from the internet’s largest database of interior design photos. You can pull certain looks from different ideas and make everything 100% yours.


Using these apps will help you find your dream home more easily and efficiently. So get to downloading them and start your search for your new home!

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How To Get Sellers To Pay Your Closing Costs


You already know that buying a home can be an expensive process. On top of spending the money to purchase your home there are closing costs and inspection fees that can add up. You don’t want the prospect of paying those additional fees to deter you from buying the home of your dreams. Here are four ways to get sellers to pay your closing costs.


Pay the Full Asking Price or Close to It

Buyers need to understand that it isn’t an obligation of the seller to pay for the closing costs, it is just a nice gesture on their part. Get on the seller’s good side by offering to pay their asking price, or close to it, if they pay the closing costs. If you are in an acceptable range of what they’re looking for, they will be more than happy to take your offer.


Do Your Research

Do your research to find out if sellers have paid the closings costs for other homes in your area. What is common in Florida may not be common in Ohio, and you don’t want to insult the seller by demanding that your closing costs be covered. Ask a realtor if this is a common practice and if it is, go for it!


Avoid Excessive Demands

If you’re going to ask the seller to cover the closing costs, be willing to accept the home as-is. Sellers don’t want to spend excessive amounts of money updating their home before it sells. However, you might want to ask the seller to pay the cost of anything that didn’t pass the home inspection. Just be aware of what you’re requesting because excessive demands can potentially scare them away.


Meet the Seller Halfway

If they seller absolutely refuses to pay the closing costs, see if they’ll meet you halfway. Paying half of the closing cost is a lot more appealing and wallet-friendly for both parties. In the end, both the buyer and seller will come out happy.


If you absolutely can’t get the seller to budge, ask your lender if they can include the closing costs in your loan. Being knowledgeable about your options will ultimately help you in the long run. Negotiate and do your research to get the best deal possible so that closing costs are not a factor in purchasing your dream home.


For more information on how to get sellers to pay your closing costs, visit here.

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How To Buy A Home in 2013

Regardless of whether your a first time home buyer or a veteran of the housing market, buying a home can be daunting and confusing. Here are a few tips on buying a home in 2013.


1. Find a Lender

First you need to see if you qualify for a home loan and, if you do, how much money you qualify for. You should look at your finances and determine how much you think you can afford, and then meet with a loan officer who will tell you what loan amount you qualify for.


2. Find a Real Estate Agent

Next you should find a real estate agent who is familiar with the housing market in Worthington, and who is experienced in buying the types of homes you’re looking at. Additionally, a real estate agent can help you with writing up an offer once you find a home, negotiating with the seller, and with any questions you have about the homebuying process.


3. Make 3 Lists

To help narrow down your search and to give your real estate agent direction on what houses to send you, make 3 lists.

List 1: Things you HAVE to have and can not live without

List 2: Things you would like to have but are not a deal breaker

List 3: Things you DO NOT want and will not buy a home if it has this

Keep in mind your lists might change, just remember to communicate that with your agent so they can continue to pull the right homes for you to see.


4. Search For Homes Online

Now you can begin the search for your home. You can do some research on your own by checking popular real estate listing sites, such as Zillow or Trulia, and you can also drive around neighborhoods in the area you’re interested in moving to and look for “for sale” signs. If you want or need some help in searching for a home, you can ask your agent to suggest homes for you.

TIP: Most real estate websites have a lot of homes for you to search through. You need to know that not all of the information is accurate. Make sure that you talk to your real estate agent if you see a home online.


5. Do some research

The best thing you can do is to educate yourself. Yes, the professionals you hire will help you along the way but to be fully prepared do your research. Start by answering these questions…

– How much can I afford?

– How much am I willing to pay?

– How much does it cost to buy a home? (down payment, inspections, closing costs, etc)

– How long does it take to close on a home?

– What is a “request to remedy”?

– Is it a buyers market or sellers market?

– Are there still “steals” out there?

– Am I willing to do a lot of repairs? If so is a 203k loan right for me?

The real estate market can be confusing to navigate but don’t be intimidated! Starting with these tips will help you begin the process of buying a home in 2013.

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5 Affordable Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Whether you’re preparing to show and sell your home or just planning on having company over, you don’t want to be embarrassed about the look of your bathroom. Because the bathroom is typically one of the smallest rooms in the house, it doesn’t have to be expensive to update – and the bathroom is only second to the kitchen on return on your investment. From the National Association of Realtors ®, here are 5 ways to spruce up your bathroom inexpensively!

  1. Repaint. Giving any room a fresh coat of paint can totally transform the room and give it an updated look, but when choosing a paint color for your bathroom it’s important to coordinate with other elements in the room. Are the toilet, tub, and sink white or off-white? What’s the finish on the light fixtures and door knobs? Does your mirror have any color to it? Just as it is for any room in the home, it is important that the colors in your bathroom complement each other. *TIP: clean walls thoroughly with a washcloth before repainting; many beauty products leave residue on the walls that could cause problems with your new paint.

  2. New Flooring. Dirty, worn, or peeling flooring can be a major turnoff for potential homebuyers and guests. Again, because the bathroom is typically a small area, the cost of new flooring for the room and all necessary supplies won’t break the bank. Consider installing large tiles (it’s easier to clean than small tiles) or linoleum for a fresh look. *TIP: you can save more money by installing the new flooring yourself.

  3. Replace your shower curtains and curtain rod. Curtains need replaced fairly regularly, as they can accumulate mold and mildew if they aren’t properly cared for, but curtain rods should be replaced at some point as well. For the most part this is simply because things go out of style. Also, usual wear-and-tear often leaves curtain rods looking rusty and dinged up; if your curtain rod is out of style or a little worse for the wear, consider purchasing a nice, new rod to transform the look of your bathroom with relatively little effort.

  4. Upgrade your lighting. Many people tend to get ready for the day in the bathroom, so it’s very important that you have good lighting. Good lighting means that the room is well lit and that the light isn’t discolored for any reason. The National Association of Realtors ® says that bathrooms should have two different types of lighting: “ bright wall or ceiling light for regular use and a softer, warmer type of light, like a night light, to keep on when the bathroom is not in use”. *TIP: try replacing your lighting fixtures to update the look of the bathroom as well.

  5. Update the Vanity. Vanities experience wear-and-tear just like everything else in your bathroom. If your vanity is outdated or beat up, replacing it with something brand new can completely transform the look of the bathroom. Most home improvement stores have a variety of options for vanity and sink combinations for reasonable prices. If you’re not ready to purchase a new vanity, you can update the one you have by deep-cleaning it and possibly adding new paint.

Updating your bathroom can be easy and inexpensive with a few of these fixes and can bring about a whole new look. Implement a few of these tips and you’ll be ready in no time to show your house to potential buyers or guests!

Read the original article from here.

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