Month: February 2013

Tips For Buying A Foreclosed Home

Many people are interested in buying a foreclosed home because they typically sell for cheaper prices than comparable homes in the area that have not been foreclosed upon. However, many people aren’t aware of all of the risks involved in purchasing a foreclosure. The risks are minimal if you do your research though. From CNN, here are … Read more

Buying A Home After College

For young adults just out of school, buying a home after college is a great opportunity to build wealth and to build your credit. With your initial salary, it may be tough to afford a mortgage and with minimal savings, it could be tough to get approved for a loan. Here are some helpful tips to make … Read more

Helpful Tips for Pennsylvania Retired Homeowners

Making the move from a homeowner to a retired homeowner entails more than one might expect. Typically, retired homeowners have less money to spend both on mortgage payments and on other activities. Here are some helpful tips for Pennsylvania retired homeowners… 1. Income is still important. Once you’re retired, lenders will most likely use retirement … Read more